Egg Whites Explained

Egg whitesThis is not my usual kind of post, however it’s important to me that all members at HQ know the reasoning behind my advice. So I thought I’d blog about the importance of egg whites in the diet as I know some people are wanting to understand more,

I will start my saying, yes full eggs are good, but the whites are the protein. The yolks contain good fats & good cholesterol that we all need so don’t avoid full eggs.

However over the years of asking people to do me food diaries I noticed a pattern emerging as to why people like omelettes. You see, it’s a break from meat, it’s a more desirable breakfast but the main reason is they are quick & easy to prepare.

So I noticed people having eggs 2/3 times a day, some totalling 30 or more eggs a week!

Now I don’t believe most people have the ability to consume that much fat in their diet from 1 meal alone as they’re still having fats from other sources throughout the day.

So you all remember your first ‘find out more’ meeting with myself or Ryan. In that presentation there’s a slide that says we get real results for people with real lives.

That was not a slide we dreamt up to convince you to join. That’s a slide put in because that is what we do, day in, day out. We work on real advice for real people and the advice we give is realistically maintainable.

So, I could say have eggs once a day because you’re eating too many then prepare another meal with meat to have in the day. However, I think becoming a father has helped me develop my personal training skills further as now I am a lot more understanding about real priorities and real time available.

I know people want to live a healthier life so sometimes I just have to meet them half way to help.

Therefore, I suggest you keep the quick and easy omelette in your diet as much as possible just take a few yolks out or even, on some days just have an egg white omelette.

Another question I get asked time and time again is ‘why in the last week of the photo shoot?’

My answer to that is this week becomes more about carb and protein intake and not too much fat intake. So white fish, white meats such as turkey and of course egg whites to give you a different option for protein instead of meat.

That’s all. It’s that simple.

If you don’t like egg whites don’t eat them it’s just a different protein option and can be cheaper than buying quality meats sometimes. Or you might just like an egg white omelette and prefer to get your fat intake from a much tastier meal.

It also happens to be one way to make a quick meal protein dominate over carbs and fats without just eating more meat.

I hope this helps!


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