Your goals are down to you

Think your failing in your goals already ?
There’s 2 reasons you will fail to reach your goals this year ..

And they are Both down to YOU
Number 1

Negative people

There’s people that will encourage you and support you, but also people that won’t

They might not directly discourage you but theres actions they will take that show they secretly want you to fail,
so they get justification for there own fails

We all know that ^^
And I’m certainly not the first person to say it

BUT have you ever thought those people no sod all about you!!
And what you do, day in day out
all they see is the surface!

They don’t see you rushing around sorting work, family .. LIFE
Just to make it to your 45min gym session

So why the hell would you listen to them?

Number 2 – most importantly

Believing in yourself!!

Now again you’ve heard that one before

And as a PT and coach it’s cheesy motivation

“believe in yourself ”

Blah blah

What I’m asking you to do, is look at it from a different perspective

Look at what you have done in your life!

What you have been through!

What you have done for your family When they needed you!

What you have achieved in your job/career

Because whatever your goal is, its tiny!! Compared to everything else you have achieve

Think about it ?

Now tell me you can’t loose an inch around your waist ??

It’s not other people’s negativity, it’s are own

that is what will always have the final say in what we achieve!

We only look at the surface in our own lives!

We forget how well we adapt in life and how bloody Capable we all are!!

So your “new year new you” goals

are nothing, there easy!
when you take a step back and look at who you are!!

I Hope this helps you all

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