Do what you already know

This post is to help long term members
And new members in the future 
These past 12 months have been a bit of a roller coaster for me business wise 
Resulting in loss of focus in my own Training and Diet 
Not eating rubbish but sort of maintaining with my food and training 
and some weeks even going backwards 

In the way I looked and felt 
Having days when I did want to binge on crap

Days when I didn’t want to workout, didn’t look forward to it and saw it as a chore 
I began to blame everything 
I found myself scrolling the Internet for new training Routines and different diet approaches as I was convinced what I was doing wasn’t working 
But the truth was I wasn’t doing ANYTHING I knew to be correct
when I decided to stop lying to myself and look at what I was actually doing in training and my diet 
The problems were obvious 
It was poor and actually nothing like I’d done for all these years , I wasn’t preparing my meals (convinced I was too busy)
I wasn’t putting in the effort in my own training  
After every set I would check my emails on my phone have my laptop open for work
Not clear my head before training so zero focus 

So all that was wrong was the effort i was putting in 

Of course I wasn’t going to progress if I messed around for 45mins with other things 
So what did I do to magically get back on track ….
wrote my food down and saw the mistakes 
Planned my meals 

put 100% effort in for 45min 

No phone or laptop 
Guess what I’ve not done nothing new but I’m back on track 
Feel fantastic  
Less stressed and overwhelmed 
Enjoining food and training and feeling relax and focussed   
Completing more jobs because I’m eating and training better so I’m feeling better 
Moral of the story and point of this post

if it’s worked before it will work again 
So when life gets busy and you go of track (which you will) 

be honest with yourself 

And admit what your doing hasn’t stopped working, you have stopped doing what you had been
Remember doing what you already know 

That’s why Transformation HQ is always here to help you when you need us 
But for us to help you 
You always always have to be honest with yourself first 
I hope this helps ✌

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