Life is hard !!

Properly the most important post to date
It’s cold wet and dark 
And if your anything like me you don’t leave the house without 15 layers of clothes on
But it’s not just about how your body looks to other people is it…
Day in day out I have conversations about motivation 
So here it is …
Can be such an Amazing and happy place 

And combined with feeling good about yourself it can accelerate to new highs everyday 

But we all know it can also be cruel and sad
will hit us all harder than we expect it too at any time ,anywhere no matter how good it is 
or how tough you think you are
 this is when No 
gym (even us)
slimming club 
family member
 Or even friend
Will ever be able to help you 
 these people will all ask 
 are you ok ?
Is there anything I can do ?
If you need me I’m here etc 
and of course they mean it
 they will try to help you but they can’t 
anyone you surround yourself with 
All have nothing to really give you when you are going though hard times 
The only thing that will EVER

Help you be strong and help you get over 
whatever life Throws at you
 The only person you can turn too and actually 

 be able to help you and bring you back to yourself 
is YOU!!
I’m sure we have all experienced the highs of life 
And the lows on many occasions 
And I honestly believe that looking in the mirror and liking what you see is the easiest way to get back to the highs of life 

The person who stares back at you 

So make sure the person looking back is someone you like and someone that can help you! When you need them too
Eat better
Just generally live a 
healthy life 
So when life grabs you and throws you to the floor and nobodys words feelings or care can help you 
Even when you least expect it 

make sure you are able to help yourself 
Make sure you look in the mirror and have confidence in the person looking back
 the only person that can help you and your family and everything you have created in life everything you care about be normal again

Be that person that’s strong and raises 
That person lives in your own reflection
You see 
Transformation HQ
Is build on before and after pictures 
When I look at a before and after picture I look deeper 
When a someone looks at what they have achieved in a before and after 
they don’t just look and think wow like everyone else
They like the person looking back
And this will change there life forever 
No matter how hard it gets 
Really ?? 

what more motivation do we need to start to like our own reflection 
This is why we help you do that 
no matter what 
Its not just about joining a gym turning up and exercising 
it’s about looking at yourself, what you are and liking that person 
This is what we all should do 
This is why good and bad days mean nothing, winter and summer are no different 
It’s the bigger picture 
This is why you shouldn’t have a week off because you have had a bad day

I really really hope this helps people

Carl 😀👍

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