New year new you 

Ok guys for those of us that haven’t made it into HQ over the festive period 
I guess most of us feel crap
Don’t worry!!

just one more day ( New Year’s Eve) 

And we’re back at it! 
How I felt during my workouts this week..
Tired, week, aching joints etc etc
Was it as bad as I thought it was going to be…
It never is
Do I feel amazing now… Yes! 
Do I feel the need to crash diet .. No!!
Just get back to doing what you already was but with the added bonus of your New Years resolution 
Myself ryan anne and will 
Are all ready and hungry to help you smash your goals in 2016 
We want from you…


A clear start point
A clear half way point
But the most important part of a goal!!
Is a clear outcome 
Not general “I want to loose my stomach” or want to tone my arms

If it’s inches we want to know numbers 
If it’s the best shape of your life 

And it’s a photo we want the words ” I will feel confident to show the photo to the world
If it’s a dress we want to know which dress you want to fit into! 
If it’s weight we want to know exactly what weight

You get the point

Now your part of HQ 
new year resolutions are different, 

There not ones you fail to achieve or forget about after January 
There ones you smash 
Don’t be afraid to make them unrealistic 
I set myself unrealistic goals all the time
I never set myself comfortable easy to reach goals 
Sometimes I reach them sometimes not but whenever I get to the outcome
I’ve progressed a hell of a lot further than if I’d have set myself a easy safe task

Let’s get our sessions booked no matter how bad we feel and make this the best year yet!
Ps if it’s the photo shoot

That already mapped out for you 

With starting and half way points and a clear outcome

See you soon 


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