Thinking outside the box

Thinking outside the box – part 1 
Thinking outside the box is going to be a series of blog post split into parts in a aim to help each HQ member,
be sure to read all parts even if you can only relate to a small part of it, take what you need from each part 
Part 1: Why we go off track! 
Lets forget about directly eating HEALTHY FOOD AND WORKING OUT but think about how the rest of our life reflects what we eat and do 
When we start anything, we usually hit the ground running, were hungry we want to achieve the goals we have set ourselves
We want to be better parents, we want to be better partners, 

we want to be better friends and perform better in our careers 
Effects on eating better and working out >
Making time for workouts, making time to prepare food. making the effort to perform better each session
Once we start to feel better, look better and perform better 

Once we start to become the best parents, a better friend to the people we care about a better partner and progress in our careers 
We stop trying!!


and once the drive has gone 
We then stop and think about what it actually takes to maintain the position we have reached 
we become overwhelmed with the amount of tasks we have to do, just to have what we have right now in any part of our life!
Everything becomes urgent and important and we have to do it right away! We need 8 days a week ,25 hours a day, nobody understands what we have to do in a day

We spend all our time feeling anxious 
Effects on working out and training 
Skipping workouts, reaching for fast crap food that will make us feel better for 30 seconds! And that 30 seconds we don’t have to think about anything eles
The answer (well my answer you can take what you need from it and rid the rest) 
Don’t be happy with the partner you are- go the extra mile
Don’t be happy with the parent you are- plan even more things to make them smile
Don’t be happy with the position your in with your career – push for more every day 
You will then NEED to look after your health to reach them goals 

Don’t get me wrong 
enjoy when you reach your goal Enjoy what it brings into your life but don’t loose that drive that got you there, you will never be perfect but wanting more will keep your adherence to a healthy lifestyle going forever 
I get this because It’s not easy just because I’m a personal trainer 

I’ve noticed as soon as I become content and then overwhelmed, it’s becomes a lot harder to stick to a healthy lifestyle 
So I set myself goals in my personal life ( nothing to do with training or workouts)
Suddenly working out and eating better becomes more enjoyable and easier to stick to 
Think outside the box 
I hope this helps 

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