Transformation secret

The only secret to getting in good shape and staying there 
Excepting bad days and embracing the good ones 
We all have bad days (myself) included 

That day for myself (and many clients over the years)

Would usual consist off 
Pressing snooze more times than usual, 

Convincing yourself before every upcoming meal that’s it’s going to be a bad choice
Thinking all day about how bad your training sessions is going to be

How weak your going to be etc
You turn up and as you were already defeated before your walked though the door, of course it was bad

 yes you was Weak, tired 

and gave up early 
Went home and no matter what we said to you at the session you go home and finish off that half bar of chocolate because it’s in your head and you just have to do it 
But guess what 
No matter what we do or say you will always at some point have them days 
Yup ^^^ that’s right 
No big rocky guru speech about How we shouldn’t have them days
We’re all human 

So point of this post
We are clearly capable of letting are mind

control certain days and making them worse though over thinking 
So good days 
We all have them and on them days I suggest you “over think”
Plan every single meal make sure it’s perfect for your goal, make sure you enjoy it
Spend the day having positive thoughts about your upcoming session 

How your going to lift the heaviest weight so far, complete every single set faster and stronger and with better form than ever before 
Get yourself in them bloody Dangly things we asked you to put your feet in without falling over 😉
Leave the session flying 

Feeling like you have really progressed and achieved something 
I guarantee the more days you have like This the longer your high will last 
 resulting in a lot less crap days
Meaning more overall progression  
So stop trying to fight the bad 
Stop beating yourself up over that one bad day 

Just look forward and smash the good days 
Remember it’s always easier to add something in than to take something out 
Concentrate on adding the good days 

Rather than always trying to take the bad ones out
I hope this helps


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