Transformation stories – izzy Davies 

since starting hq 7 months ago, I have totalled 2st6 loss, and 9inch loss off my waist! But it’s been much more than that! The past 7 months have been the hardest in my life…when trying to finish my uni degree whilst working full time on placement, hq sessions were thee only thing to keep me sain, and helped me to keep ling standing anxiety issues under control without the need for any medication- and for the first time in my degree not let my health/weight drop to the bottom of my priority list. Then when I lost my Mum in June, continuing the sessions and fantastic support from carl was an unbelievable help in keeping me afloat-so much above and beyond a ‘just a gym’. And now, I ca happily say I am the healthiest and leanest I have been since I was about 14! I can’t wait to carry on, and get stronger and healthier, with the lovely 6am-ers, everyone on here, and all the fab trainers Carl Ryan and Anne (and I’m sure Will too when he comes to Buxton) — feeling grateful at Transformation HQ.

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