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Transformation stories  – steven young

Youngys story 
Transformation HQ has become more than just a ‘GYM’ to me it’s a way of life I look forward to going it’s enjoyable and fun not a chore.
When I first joined HQ I would never of thought that I would be on a stage competing in a mens physique competition but with the expert advice, training and constant encouragement off the HQ team I achieved that goal and it taught me so much about myself and how determined I could be and disciplined with so much willpower and it wouldn’t of been achievable without HQ it’s made me look at food and fitness in a completely different way
 Being a member of transformation HQ I’ve met so many people and made loads of friends for life. 
Every single person that joins no matter what age, gender, weight everybody is so supportive and everybody just wants everyone to achieve their goals. I’ve learnt so much about nutrition and training that I feel confident if I give any new members advice I know it’s the right advice
 I love helping new or even established members out its like one big HQ family and I’m proud and honoured to be a part of it

HQ has changed me for the better and inspired me to start looking at maybe a career within the fitness industry and also being a mens physique competitor and all that is down to the HQ family every last one of them,not just the trainers I thank them for all for there constant support and encouragement you have been amazing on my journey which has only just begun 🙂
Steven Young 

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