Transformation stories- mandy tolley 

I have been with HQ since the beginning and enjoy it as much now as I did then. My goal is to get stronger, more toned and a flatter stomach! I was on the way to achieving this with my first photo shoot in August 2014 and was pleased with he results and dropped to a size 8- something I had never been before. However, I lost my way a bit after that as I struggled with my mindset that I couldn’t stay how I looked as a size 8, and got disheartened when I could no longer feel comfortable in the new clothes I had bought. With lots of talks with Carl about this and everything else, I repeated the shoot in November 2015 whilst being strict but not ‘shoot diet’ strict and was pleased to see I had maintained my results, and was slightly more toned on my tummy. HQ is more than just personal training group sessions. I have made life-long friends and feel I am cared about there 😊

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