Ryan’s Been On The Beer

I’m writing this in advance of a weekend on the beer (Guinness mainly)

As some of you know I follow a football team around the country which means i’ll be with lads who drink a lot. This does not mean I have to keep up with them but I do enjoy a pint or two.

In anticipation to this, my week before and the week after was/ will be perfect and I trained intensely whilst also adding in an extra training session – I know I can’t out train my diet however I know I may still be able to make progress if my weeks are perfect either side of my bad weekend.

What’s 1 day out of 14! I’m fully confident that i am still cutting down body fat for my beach beach holiday in June. In the past, this may have really knocked my confidence in being ready for my holiday and I would not have enjoyed my day at football eating and drinking as I like. We aren’t athletes or fitness models that have to live perfectly, we are the lucky ones who can attain a good physique yet live a fun sociable life.

So my point being that we should enjoy those weekends or getaways that are booked into your social diary and don’t fear or even regret them. Train hard, eat well, drink plenty of water, sleep as much as you can either sides of the “bad weekends” and still progress forwards.

The one thing I cannot control unfortunately is the score or performance on the pitch so be nice if my team loses.

Regards, Ryan

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