What’s the point I drink beer

I used to tell myself this tale.  I think I hear this from 1 in 10 people I speak to about improving their body.   “There’s no point in me trying to eat well as I drink 10 pints at the weekend or wine or gin” whatever you drink is the same point applies.

You do not put fat on in days.  You put fat on over a long period of time.  Your body tracks what you eat over the course of weeks and months.  Granted there’s going to be different goals and important times where this rule doesn’t apply and you are going have to do what you gotta do to reach your goal.

However in general.  Here’s the solution.

Doing this perfectly you will need to track calories over the week to prepare for the drinking sessions.

Wednesday May 4th acceleration day topic.  But if tracking calories and getting super lean isn’t your way then I’m going to stick my neck out and PROMISE you that if you eat a good balanced diet, plenty of single ingredient foods 80% of the week but enjoy having 10 pints or 3 bottles of wine at weekend you will be in 100 times better shape in 6 months time than if you eat complete garbage all week and drink 10 pints and 3 bottles of wine at the weekend.

I hope this helps


PS: next Friday I will tell you how to get over other peoples criticism and how they actually need your help.

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