What’s the best diet?

I always get asked, what’s the best thing to have for breakfast? Best snack? Best post workout shake etc. Well my answer is usually it depends on circumstances however my next answer will always be – the diet that people can do consistently from the beginning and which they can see themselves eating that way for the next few years.

If it’s not sustainable then it’s not going to work for you – but that diet strategy that doesn’t work for you might suit another person to the T!

More adherence to a healthy diet obviously yields better results but we need to find the method that fits your lifestyle and preference. This may require a trail and error phases that may slow down progress but once you find a diet and structure that suits you then you will get there – nobody gets it right from the offset.

Enjoy the journey, making mistakes is what will teach you what works for you. There will even be methods, tips, strategies that you stumbled across and work very well for you reaching you goal.

Levels of self-restraint and control inevitably fatigue especially for the general population who just want to tone up a little, compared to someone who relies on the physique for a living, about to step up on stage or do a photo shoot. So making small little changes may not get the results that you want immediately, however it will keep you in better in shape for the long term.

So don’t keep looking for the secret diet or training plan because there isn’t one, if there was we would all be doing it and everyone would be in amazing shape. Eat healthily, train hard on a consistent basis and make mistakes as you try and understand how your body/lifestyle reacts to certain training and diet protocols. Keep the trainers at HQ informed of your journey and we maybe able to give you new pointers, tips, directions to go in. There is always another option to try so never just throw in the towel.

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