You must be starving yourself

You might have been lucky enough to have never been told you’re starving yourself but if you’re like me this might sound familiar. After weeks of busting your arse in the gym, taking conscious steps to change old eating habits to only bump into a friend who says wow you look good but I bet your starving. For one you’re actually eating twice as much food as before because 1 pizza would probably work out the same as your entire day’s food now – in regards to calories.

But that doesn’t matter the point is don’t waste your energy or even get angry. In my experience the majority of people who say these types of things are only providing themselves with an excuse to carry on not looking their best.

The only thing you need to do is keep going. Keeping looking better and better till one day and yes it will happen!  They turn round and starting asking for your advice because they’re amazed at how good you really look.

I hope this helps


PS: next Friday I will give you the very best fat burning workout tip.

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