My very best fat burning tip

Ok as promised my very best fat burning tip.  As HQ members know, what we need for fat loss is a Calorie deficit. Eat protein for long term gains.  Work out x3 45min sessions a week.

However long term success comes down to the other 23 hours 15mins and everyone’s battle … food.

Fatloss tips as follows: 

Fullness Foods

Select foods that make you full and satisfied this will be different for each of you. 

My food for making me feel full and satisfied is oats with sweetener, nice and simple.

Extras side salad 

The trick to dieting again is feeling full after a meal, adding a side salad will help fullness without adding extra calories. 

Prolonging meal times to beat weaknesses

My weakness tends to be evening right after my tea, let’s face it most of us are flat out during the day and when it comes to night time we eat because we’re bored.  So simply saving a large amount of your calories toward the end of the day is a great way not to over eat. 

Knife fork down

Most of us eat far to fast (myself included).  Taking regular breaks during a meal will give your body more time to catch up and let you know if your full or not.  Drink a glass of water before during and after most meals.  Staying hydrated will actually help your body know the difference between hunger or thirst. Most of us when eat when really we should drink.

I hope this helps 


PS: Next Friday I’m going to explain what the secret to a perfect transformation is.

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