Parent Transformation

The secret to a perfect transformation is learning to accept change in your life. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years and as a coach my biggest achievement, I feel and the area I’ve grown the most in is understanding change in people’s lives.

The main one priorities 

I used to live eat and breath training.  6 days a week.  Meal prep all done on a Sunday night.

Then boom……..I grew up, had a beautiful daughter, opened my dream gym and I’m now in a long term relationship.

I still want to look good, feel good and enjoy training.   However my goals now are to look good, feel good and improve my health for both me and my family and find a routine that suits my whole life and not stress out about the little details

I now except I may not keep getting better as I’ve been training for 7 years (new comers of course will get better and there are times as a new comer you have to get strict and do things that are not maintainable, things to transform your body however this strictness doesn’t have to last forever.

I now still feel big, strong and lean and maintain in good shape around a busy life. I still do a stricter diet (mini shoot prep) for around 6 weeks to give me a goal but generally I live an awesome life. Have an amazing business and feel fit energised and healthy on days out with my family.

I hope this helps everyone have a clearer outlook on their goals.

A transformation comes from all areas of your life remember that.


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