Is my mindset making me fat?

The reason why a huge proportion of the population fail to get in shape or achieve their goal is they aren’t ready mentally. A lot of people believe it’s easy to get “in shape” and when it comes down to the hard work of getting shape – their mindset is no where near what it should be.

When they start dieting and training hard and see some results coming through its all rosy, however when results slow and you need to just get your head down and work hard – this F*ck it attitude kicks in and people go on a huge bender bringing themselves back to where they started.

This cycle repeats it’s self all year round.
You may find a fancy new diet, training plan, supplement but nothing replaces hard work, sacrifice and consistency. This isn’t meant to be a downer on fat loss but a bit of reality does help your mindset. Your mindset is the reason you don’t make all three sessions at HQ, have a binge for a week or two, over eats, socialises that bit too much. So we must be accountable for our actions and stop looking for someone or something to blame.

A lot of HQ members have gone through this process prior to joining HQ and have taken on board the advice we give. Many have tried and failed before and nearly given up but once the mindset kicks in, it gets rid of frustration and confusion of getting into shape.

I also went through the same process of trying to get into shape many a time and failing. It only started to work when I looked ahead and thought what obstacles are going to be in my way and how am I going to overcome them, what people will negatively affect my training and eating and how to stay away from them. I still think like this now if I don’t believe I am ready I’ll just enjoy my training trying to keep my body healthy and enjoy life.

When I know I’m ready mentally I will sacrifice, get my head down and work hard to get to my goal. I make this time related and no longer than 12 weeks as any longer I know it will overwhelm me physically and mentally, we can’t and don’t need to be in shape all year round.

Mindset will only change for the good when your really want something, think about getting that job promotion, or new house/car/holiday, you wouldn’t give up after a few weeks – this should be the attitude that needs to be applied when trying to get the body you desire.

Implement these strategies to improve your mindset;

Keeping the goal short term (4-12 weeks).

Setting realistic goals (I would love to have Arnold Schwarzenegger physique – however I know this ain’t possible, but if I keep trying to get his physique I will become frustrated and negative).

Keeping the goal at the forefront of your mind when ever eating, training, resting (remember it’s only for the short term).

Eradicating negativism from life (junk food should not be in house, avoiding negative people who MAKE you eat crap foods to make themselves feel better)

Try one positive step/activity that will improve attitude/mindset at a time, as to not overwhelm.

Focus on the experience – not the result.
Enjoy the challenge of training hard and eating healthy, and improving mindset.

Talk to your trainer and fellow member to share your feelings and frustrations as you are not alone, they too have gone through this process so can share their experiences – don’t let your mindset turn negative and keep on the positive side.

Till next time

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