It’s OK to be different

Following on from my parent transformation post I wanted to say yes I have got complacent and I’m happy with my all round transformation but that’s not to say I don’t need to get that buzz back like I used to have regarding health and fitness.

When it comes to helping people solve problems and achieve transformations I LOVE IT and sometimes I need to remind myself how hard dieting is & how hard changing years of bad habits can be.

How sometimes when you’re new to health and fitness before you have a real understanding and are able to apply flexibility you might have to eat different meals than your kids partner or friends.

So where as I’m not generally as strict as I used to be, and even though I find it easy to eat out with my girlfriend and daughter I didn’t always understand how to do this and still maintain a good, healthy body.

As I mentioned I do a 6 week strict plan once a year, to help me understand problems and improve as a coach. I eat different meals than my girlfriend. I avoid eating ice creams with my daughter and usually drop around 1 stone (you may have noticed recently I look leaner).

The point of this post?

It’s ok to sometimes do things differently than those around you; kids, partners, friends.

And know that it’s not going to be forever.  It is just a goal or habit you’re trying to change and in time you will find a way to make it more sustainable.

Trust me in years to come I’m sure those around you will thank you for looking after your health especially your kids.

I hope this helps


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