Stay off the damn scales!

How many times have you stepped on the scales this week?
Hell – how many times have you stepped on the scales today?

I was once told by a client that they weighed themselves THREE times a day everyday!!! (how is that even possible??)

I felt a lot of empathy for that person to be that obsessed about a number, but at the same time, that person didn’t want anybody to know what they weighed, so whats the was the point!
To some that may sound a little crazy however some reading this may totally relate to this logic.

I have seen clients, current members and even myself lose body fat and look a lot leaner but the scales have stayed exactly the same.

That extra 2,3,4,5 lbs you can gain in a day will most likely be water retention, on the flip side, if you lose 2,3,4,5 lbs in a day it wont all be fat, it will be you dumping water out of your system.

Your body water retentions levels can be affected from consuming too much salt, lack of water, really overeating on bad carbohydrates (breads, pasta, biscuits, cakes etc), food you have consumed from meals, hormonal cycles during menstrual cycle will all massively affect your weight.

Use the mirror and how clothes feel as the gold standard to monitor your progress. Then you can take measurements with a tape and weigh yourself at a minimum fortnightly. The obsession of what number the scales shows you should not be a main worry in your life – your main focus should be on training hard, eating healthily, going through cycles of being in a calorie deficit and weight loss will look after itself.

I hope this makes at least one person stop weighing themselves daily.

Till next time

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