The most underused method of dieting

I hate the word “dieting” it sounds restrictive, difficult and something that I’m not going to enjoy. When i finally got my head around getting into shape i discovered that there is no such thing as dieting. You are either in a energy (calorie) surplus, maintaining or in a energy deficit .

Most people go through this phases with out even realising.

  • energy surplus would be christmas week or on holiday,
  • maintaining would be when you have three or four good days and the three or four bad days so it all evens out
  • deficit would be when you feel organised with foods and making all your transformation sessions.

Contrary to belief and this may be a wake up call to some people. You CANT diet (calorie deficit) all year round. All that happens is your body adapts and slows down metabolism to survive as its not interested in looking ripped/lean, it just wants to survive and having a bit of spare body fat which makes it happy.

After seeing Mark Coles the top physique coach in the UK, he reaffirmed what i had always believed that you need to go through waves of being in a deficit then a bit of a maintenance/surplus phases. His system he recommend was as the image above.
I would not have been able to structure it any better so enter this system into your monthly/ yearly cycle. This waving method allows the majority of the year to be in a deficit but the back off phases get your metabolism firing, which we should all know by now that a fast metabolism means more fat burning. It stops that overwhelming feeling of “dieting” and keeps you on track as short term goals can be set, it allows for treats and mistakes so that you can live a sociable life yet still make fat loss an yearly progressive target.

This is something i have always implemented into my diet – i hope you can give it a try and let us know how it works for you.

Till next time

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