Don’t make this mistake

When it comes to transforming your body training and diet comes secondary but what’s the most important?

I used to think it was all about diet and training and missed understanding the psychology around somebody believing they can change and visualising how they want to look.


I’m a personal trainer
I have lots of experience and tools to transform a physique now

Leading up to any cut I purposely push my carbs and calories as high as I can to give me a higher starting point to diet from

Meaning the point of the post IS NOT ABOUT THE BEFORE TO AFTER success ( 12 weeks)

it’s about belief
The second Will Richards took that before picture I knew I would change I could visualise how I was going to look and believed I would change the only doubt was perfection but belief for change was there.

Without that belief diet/ training means nothing

16 years old to 21 ( I’ve added a picture) I was massively out of shape and it took me years to believe enough to change.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did.

And if you think you haven’t got time!
Trust me if you spend more time believing your body can change you have that same Belief in every area of your life.

When I was out of shape I didn’t believe in myself at all I left school with no GCSEs (apart from P.E).  I never had any drive or ambition after school And skipped from job to job even had a ice cream round in Whaley bridge at 1 point ( true story).

But after my own personal transformation which took years I finally believed in myself enough to be someone I can be proud off.

I hope this helps you do the same.






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