Do i need cardio for fat loss?

Firstly cardio cannot be separated solely as one activity, for example cycling is not only cardio it is a resistance based exercise as you have to force the pedal to move which then leads to an increase heart rate. The opposite of that would be in a HQ session and squatting would be viewed as weights – however its exactly the same as a bike (resisting against against a force which in turn raises heart rate)

First thing non HQ members do when they want to lose body fat is to go running –what they should start to do is lift weights focusing on getting stronger and sort their nutrition. What the average person does is do too much steady state cardio e.g. running and actually ends up a getting better at cardio – what actual then happens is your body adapts and down regulates your metabolism and then burns fewer calories.

Where as HQ session, although you can adapt to resistant training, your body will not burn fewer calories as we make each session more difficult by lifting heavier or pushing harder. Plus we will also change your strength program before your body starts to adapt, and you will know how that feels on the first week of a new program compared to the last week of the month.

Cardio is not essential for sustainable fat loss but resistance training (transformation sessions) is, we can look at adding some some low intensity cardio (mainly walking) as the last resort but it should be viewed as a back up tool. You can even add in as a tool to recover from a tough session at HQ so not everything has to be about fat loss.

If your diet is full of processed crap and your going out on benders at the weekend – guess what, no amount of cardio/exercise will be able to help with that.
If your number one goal is to finally get rid of body fat – your main priority should be to make sure your nutrition is in order and you have attended three HQ sessions a week, not worrying if cardio is the short cut to the body of your dreams.

Till next time, Ryan

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