Need to get head around weight loss

When looking at progress we need to get your mind set into thinking about fat loss rather than weight loss. So monitor how you look in mirror, measurements with tape, how clothes feel instead of constantly weighing yourself on scales.

This weight loss is defiantly a problem in the media at the moment with celebrities telling everyone how much weight they have lost, or articles in magazines stating how to lose 10lbs in a week or a slimming club making people stand on a scale and pretty much fat shame their own members because they put a pound on! Evening though they may have made great progress and put a little muscle on which is good for the long term.

Your aim shouldn’t be to lose body weight as weight loss can be water, menstrual cycle, foods going through the digestive system, muscle tissue loss and we defiantly don’t want to lose muscle as that’s what keeps a fast metabolism and keeps your strength up in sessions.

Expecting to go backwards before you go forwards so daily weighing yourself may seem that your failing when in actual fact its just the process of the journey.

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