Holiday Hermits

So I’ve  just got back from my holiday for the summer.  I’m no different than anyone else before a holiday I watch what I eat more & workout a little bit more towards the day we go. I too of course enjoy a relaxed break, eat and drink whatever I want and love every second.  Notice I didn’t say blow all the hard work? Because I certainly don’t do fitness and healthy eating to live like a hermit.

However, the biggest mistake I see is after the holiday crash crash crash. Get back feel fat, feel bloated, don’t wanna look in the mirror, plan an insane workout schedule and supper strict “fresh air ” diet plan.  3 days in get completely overwhelmed and go 10 steps back!

So my biggest bit of advice to you all is:

Use your holiday as a goal to be even more happier with your body.  Look back on your holiday and don’t regret anything bad you have eaten or drank.  Start with your usual x3 sessions a week and eat “normally” like you were doing before.

It’s really that simple.

I hope this helps


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