Excuse making

As Transformation coaches we hear a lot of excuses from busy mums, dad, business owners or hard working members.  The most common I experience are  “I can’t do that, I don’t have the time” “I just eat what the kids eat” “ I wasn’t at home so just went to a fast food restaurant”

It is said as its the first time we have heard the excuse and that nothing can be done about it – well fortunately enough, many people have gone through the same process of having kids, stuck at work, no time, illness etc and ONLY when they take responsibility do they eventually get the results they desire.
We can’t make you want to get in shape, however we can give you a response to the obstacles in your life and its up to you if you wish to apply but if you do apply then you get the physique you have always desired.

There are many a fitness model or people who have done photo shoots that have kids, are business owners, working long hours/shift and some even compete on stage. I could give hundreds of examples – these people are also around you at HQ and changed how they look for the good.  Here are a few solutions to problems that you may encounter in your life that slow down your results;

I work all day and don’t have anytimeanswer = you will be aware of how long your shift will be in advance, if there is a risk your work place will ask you to do over time, have extra meetings, the basic answer is to prepare on your day off! Make your lunch for the next dew days.
Prepare your foods in tuppaware and shakes, if you don’t like foods in tuppaware make sure you have 10-15mins spare (this is possible) to nip to a supermarket and get a protein meal such as sushi/ pre packed meats/ low fat protein wraps/ fruit and veg.

I eat the kids treats/meals – answer= only buy enough junk foods/ treats for your kids so when you are tucking into a pack of their sweets you are consuming their treats, or you could lock away all treats in a kiddies cupboard that only they are allowed to enter.
Eat before you make your kids foods so the temptation is not there to pick at their meals.

Kids or friends wanted to eat at a bad/ fast food restaurant – answer = eat before you go out as most times you will be aware you are going out, if you have to eat in these places then make sure you have a HQ session that day and eat a really light breakfast and lunch saving those calories for the bad meal later in the day.

Don’t overindulge if you have a huge pizza there really isn’t any need for a starter, dessert and alcohol.
If you’re at a friends house, tell them that you are dieting for a short term goal and ask if they could adapt food choices and if they really want you there you will be surprised that they give you a physique friendly option.
If you have any ideas/ experiences of how you got around obstacles please share with us and we can share with other members.

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