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Today’s post is more of a tip.

Sleep is just as important to your goals as training or nutrition.

We need to optimize sleep as much as possible and getting to sleep on time or even a little early is key.

Do you sit up in the evening on your phone, table? I’m pretty certain you do because I do myself. I get home in the evening from work, make a quick meal then check texts, emails, Facebook , WhatsApp messages just before I go to sleep.

In a ideal world I would do this then have an hour in a dark room to unwind, but just like you I’m up very early and tasks need to be done to complete the day.

What I have found extremely helpful is Apple’s new nightime screen option. I scheduled it to come on at least an hour before I go to sleep, meaning If I have to use my phone very late is looks completely different. It uses more warm colours and takes out the harsh/sharp colours that keep the brain awake and alert.

I have noticed I do fall asleep a little bit quicker and my mind does not seem to running at million miles an hour, allowing me to switch off and relax.

On apple (latest update) its on SETTINGS/DISPLAY & BRIGHTNESS select NIGHT TIME SHIFT, other makes of smart phones and tablets have free apps that will also do this for you.

Give it a go for a week and let us know if getting to sleep was easier and if sleep quality improved.

Till next time

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