One crisp can make you fat!

Ok maybe one crisp is a bit over the top.  However the important point is, one crisp won’t make you fat, neither will one bag of crisps but the habit WILL!! 

If we get into the habit of “let me have a bite of that” “can I pinch a crisp’’, we just eat things for the sake of it.  We don’t need them … we don’t enjoy them and we feel bad after, this leads to skipping meals & skipping workouts etc etc.

My advice is simple:

Plan meals, plan snacks and PLAN the treat you enjoy because I’m not saying you should not have cake or crisps I’m saying plan it so you don’t over eat and it doesn’t spoil your day, your plan or your progress.

Even eating on the go … Think about what you are buying. 

Take 5 minutes to sit down and enjoy the meal.

I hope this helps 


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