Busy mum gets the body of her dreams

Busy mum Anna smith gets the body of her dreams … Read to find out how transformation HQ has changed her life as a mum,wife and helped her regain her own identity 
This was Anna before she join transformation HQ 

And this is her now …
1.how has transformation HQ improved you as a parent and your family?

Running your own business can very easily take over your life, I had found this happening to me, I never felt like I had time for anything else. When I decided I was
Going to try Trans HQ I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to fit it in and I would see my kids even less….however the complete opposite happened, I quickly found

Myself wanting to get up that extra hour early to go training when I would of usually been in bed, and actually finishing work on time to go training. By having that bit

Of time to myself it actually meant I started having more quality time with my family, I came hope feeling good rather that stressed which my family picked up on straight

Away. They now love it when mummy goes training, and the odd time they come with me they enjoy understanding and watching what I do.

2.how flexible is the training in relation to your busy working and family life?

The way HQ work their training sessions is great for me, my commitments change day to day with work and the kids ect, knowing I can work my training around it all

Is perfect, any other places I have trained I have found very quickly I was easily making excuses why I couldn’t make it and before I knew it I hadn’t trained for weeks.

Since I started HQ I have trained 3-5 times every week and it is part of my weekly routine.
3. What differences have you now noticed with your energy levels and mood especially when you are with your family? 

Feeling good about yourself instantly makes everything you do easier and more enjoyable, HQ helps look after me, meaning I have more time and energy to spend focusing on my family and friends

And enjoying myself.

 4. Do you feel confident that your health has improved since attending HQ and what effect will that have on your family for the future?  

I was always under the impression that to get the body you want you have to eat nothing and work out all day every day, I now know this isn’t true, from the moment I started HQ I instantly started to feel healthier,
Stronger and more positive, I know I can look after myself and my body with a balance of healthy eating and regular training but actually enjoy it at the same time, knowing this I now feel like I have made a life change

That I can continue forever.

5. Most importantly how has transformation HQ regain your identity and independence outside of the family life?

This is defiantly a very important one for me, HQ isn’t just a gym its so much more, it provides me with information, support, confidence and much more, I have also met some great new people who are also sharing

The same journey. When your life is go go go all the time its easy to forget to look after yourself and you start to believe everything else is always more important. HQ help you to remember that looking after yourself is most

Important of all and if you do that everyone else becomes much easier.

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Anna smith ,Working mum

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