Kids can make me slim

Get the family involved.

Tucking into kids treats meals can be very tempting and often a huge reasons why results aren’t happening as quickly as you would like. Why not turn it on its head and get the children involved.

By this I mean to have the family help you get to the goal you desire. Why not get the kids to be the judges and monitor what mum or dad have for their evening meal. If mum or dads has a healthy option and doesn’t have any desserts/junk foods, the kids get a gold star or sticker. A longer term goal would be if that mum or dad achieves a realistic goal of an inch of waist or legs by the end of the month, then the whole family will take a day out to the zoo as a reward (you’re not going to disappoint your kids are you!).

Take your kids shopping and discuss about the short or long term goals, then plan your shop together to be health conscious even planning your meals for the day. This can then be continued at home by cooking together a healthy meal, which may even encourage the kids to eat the same as you – meaning not having to make the kids chips where you maybe tempted to consume a plate with them.

To summarise if you’re making your fitness journey fun, rewarding whilst getting your family involved – it gives you a better chance of getting the body shape you are after.

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