Top 5 reasons you’re not losing body fat

1 – You’re consuming too many calories – sounds simple, however you may think you are eating the correct amount of foods, but you could just be going over slightly each week. For example, when you believe you have had a good week eating healthily, however at the weekends totally ignoring the amount of foods being consumed. Which is raising your weekly average to maintenance, thus meaning you are stuck in the same position each week.

Solution = be careful of how many treat/cheat meals you are having at the weekends and keep main meals similar to what you are having in the week. If drinking alcohol refer back to last weeks emails
of better alcohol choices.

2 – You’re not eating enough! Mad as it sounds but ever so common. Let me simplify. Say your body will be in a calorie deficit at 2000kcal and you are now burning body fat – why drop down to 1000kcal but get the same results as you would do consuming 2000kcal. Which calorie target do you think is more filling and sustainable 2000kcal or 1000kcal?

Solution = do a food log in myfitnesspal and see what your daily average is, let a HQ Trainer know and we can give your direction on how to resolve.

3 – You think carbs are the enemy and what makes you fat. This is due to media and celebs telling us to go low carb! Of course it will make you lose weight at the beginning – it’s because you have reduced calories from the carbs you cut. The results will stop eventually – so what you going to cut out of your diet now?

Solution – Cut out processed junk foods (bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits) this will reduce your calories. HOWEVER keep good carb choices (rice, potatoes, beans, quinoa) as these will fuel your workout and give you energy in your day to day life. Who doesn’t like carbs hey?

4 – You’re impatient – a lot of people underestimate the time it takes to burn body fat. It is estimated there is 3500 calories in one pound (lb) of fat. So you cannot burn that much in a day, your’e looking at spreading that deficit over the course of a week.

Solution – keep being consistent. It may seem frustrating, never the less it will come off with time if you do everything we say on a consistent basis. Enjoy the journey of getting stronger, fitter and healthier. Fat loss should be looked as the bonus!

5 – You’re not sleeping – this is where the body generates, fixes, repairs, up regulates hormones, burns fat. If you’re only getting a couple hours sleep each night, your body becomes stressed which makes it run down. It will not want to burn body fat in this state and you maybe consuming more high energy sugary foods to keep you going. This is a bad cycle.

Solution – Try to go bed early in evening and put work to one side. No electrical equipment or use night screens. Try taking ZMA (zinc and magnesium) which can help you fall asleep quicker and deeper, it’s a natural supplement.

Hope these helps ease those frustrations!

Till next time


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