Feel good breakfast challenge

Ok so as you might have guessed this isn’t going to be an all you can eat challenge hope the picture didn’t make you too hungry ;).  Todays blog is a bit different, as I want you to put this into your routine straight away as I guarantee it will help you instantly.

Whats the first thing 99.9% of us do as soon as we wake up ? Have a BREW.  We all love coffee and I certainly won’t be saying don’t have it.  All I’m saying is during the night dehydration sets in and we don’t really drink much before we go to bed which doesn’t help.  So what we really need to wake us up and make us think clearer so we can make a better decision about what to have for breakfast is a nice cold pint of filtered water, have this and then have your brew.  I guarantee you will feel instantly better.  Tap water will do, however if this help you then I strongly suggest buying a filter it makes a huge difference in hydration. 

I hope this helps.


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