Always putting myself down

A lot of people when starting their fat loss/fitness/health journey often have the perfect image of the person they want to be/look like. Usually comparing themselves to celebrities that have had images photo-shopped or fitness models who career’s only worry is to be in world class shape.

These physiques really aren’t realistically attainable without giving up your job, let somebody else look after your kids and do the house chores, never having a social life where nice meals and alcohol are restricted pretty much all year round. These people may even have other methods other than nutrition and training to get them into shape – yet us normal (natural) people plug away expecting to eat and train like these idols but never getting anyway near that physique.

This isn’t trying to put you down and to stop from you achieving a world class physique to be in a magazine or on stage – but you must understand the sacrifices that will need.

Don’t be fooled into latest trends from celebrities such as abs in 30 days, I can assure you they did not get abs in that short amount of time. Comparing your journey to that is only going to lead to disappointments and you feeling that you are failing or not dedicated enough.

What you should be doing is;

As we mention all the time is to enjoy the journey of getting fitter, healthier and leaner. Viewing those small victories such as 1 inch of waist, 2 extra pulls ups as huge victories.

If body shape is your only goal then take progress photos every 6-8 weeks, it may seem like a horrible thing to do but well worth documenting your journey. Show the trainers, fellow members, family and friends. Even if you cant see results, they will see them and tell you how much you have improved. This will make you want to keep sticking to the plan and being CONSISTANT with your training and nutrition.

Keep goals realistic in order to keep your motivation high – its your journey – your life so don’t compare yourself to others.

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