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The ultimate fat loss trick

The power of double training days.
We have all been there, that 1 bad meal turns to a few days off track.  We start to feel bad about ourselves and decide we are back on it, drop our calories low and begin to feel better.  The thing is with this process it can be very frustrating to our mind and also negative to our long term goals of a fast metabolism.

So here’s a more productive process we can do towards our goals of a fast metabolism and also a more fun process to do when we go off track.

Double training days.

A HQ session followed by a strength room session, back to back or 1 in the morning followed by 1 in the evening.  This will 100% increase your metabolism over a long period of time and also make you feel back on track after a few bad meal choices.

1 double day a week would be advised.

I hope this helps


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