How to truly get rid of bad habits

Bad habits all have a trigger, the trick is to discover what the trigger is and resolve the problem. For example when ever you feel stressed you may binge on a packet of biscuits as a short term reward.

Most people blame the food as the reason they are putting on body fat. So we hear the excuse “sugar/junk food is addictive” etc. It’s easy to blame the foods and ignore the trigger point for your bad habits.

Next time you see a bad habit happening, have a look and see what made you do that. Is it working too many hours, person at work doing your head in, partner not being attentive to you, struggling with course work. It can many things.

The trick is to resolve the trigger point! I’ll use myself as an example. I use to work in hotels at a management level, I worked in stressful city centre hotels. I was working 80-100 hour weeks a would always drink after a shift as I thought it help me unwind. It actually made me get sick, ill and fat.

Once I realised it was my job making me like this (my trigger) I decided to give up a well paid job, and work in the industry i was really interested in and which I study about at university (fitness and health).

Although I had to start at the bottom again with a low paid job – I was happy when going to work which made me a driven person. I then didn’t need to have a drink after work.

I’m not saying give up your job but maybe look to change the environment that makes you have bad habits.

I hope this makes some sense and you can relate to yourself!

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