Transformation journey vs weight loss journey

All HQ members know by now that weight loss is not something we focus on.  We never say that weight is not important but short term it changes far too much to be accurate and is certainly confusing.  So here’s my take on the difference in someone wanting to loose weight compared to some wanting to transform their body and how the confusion effects results.

A Transformation should include:

You being happy with the shape of your body and you being happy with your lifestyle.

This will include meals out, drinks out, occasions where you will want to dress up and LOOK GOOD and feel confident.

Weight loss? Anyone can loose weight it’s simple move more,eat less and you will loose weight.  Don’t eat for half a day, you will loose weight, you won’t be happy with your body, you won’t be happy in yourself and your mood will be low but hey the scales say it’s all good so it must be right?

No, it effects your long term success.

A transformation takes time.  Shaping our body requires having enough energy to train while still reaching our goals.  We should be able to go out and enjoy a meal and a few drinks and not dread putting on a pound which means nothing.

A decent metabolism comes from our body operating effectively inside from eating plenty of good food and pushing ourselves in training to make our body want to change. The outside of our body will display lean toned muscle as a result of a transformation approach, but as a result of a transformation your scales will vary they will go up, down, stay the same etc .. They will drive you mad.

But really should you care?

I know I don’t because in these 2 pictures I was 14 stone in both.  During the journey I SLOWLY  dropped down to 12ish stone over a few years at one point and slowly increased my weight  BACK UP.   So it took me years to loose 2 stone but every week I was getting leaner and fitting into my clothes.

The take home point.

You want to slowly start to feel better and fit into your clothes and slowly drop down clothes sizes without your scales changing too much.  Also look in the mirror and be honest with yourself.

Look at my before picture, because I was stocky for years I generally thought I was ripped!

I hope this helps


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