Am I eating the right thing?

We often get asked what is the “best” thing to eat for breakfast, or I ate some “bad foods” at the weekend so it was a write off. Eating a clean healthy meal can’t make you burn fat and eating junk food doesn’t make your put on fat, but which option is your body going to want and thank you for.

Eating a healthy nutritious diet will mostly likely put you’re in an energy/caloric deficit (fat loss) and eating majority junk, processed foods will mostly likely put you in an energy/caloric surplus (fat gain).

That doesn’t mean your have to force feed almond milk and celery down your neck as it has this magical power – but then not to panic if you’ve had a day out with family or friends and have eaten ice cream, pizza and donuts.

Look at the whole picture and not the minutiae. We need to find the happy compromise where the majority of your diet is “clean” healthy nutritious foods that will give you energy, refuel you and make you feel great. However, allowing the “junk” processed foods as treats – not staples in your diet.

I hope this makes you feel less overwhelmed when thinking about nutrition.

Till next time

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