Bloody Time!

Time is one thing we never seem to have enough of don’t you think?  It’s probably one of the biggest barriers when someone is wanting to transform their body.

Time to workout , Time to prep food, Time to eat food, Time to rest and recover

But here’s the thing … How you spend your time is the key.  Doing everything in a mad rush does not give you more time? I can only speak from personal experience but i find if I spend time on cooking, eating healthily and training I feel good so my time is more productive and I can think clearer about what I’m doing.  The time saved from missed meals, crap food on the go and failed training sessions is never more productive in fact I’d go as far to say is it’s a waste of time.  I feel more overwhelmed more tired etc etc if I don’t make time to feel good about myself. Making time to cook eat and workout.  Even if it shortens your widow of time I guarantee you will get more done in 2 hours when you’re feeling good from training and eating right than you would in 5 hours of feeling crap.

So you see if you look at it this way the amount of time becomes less important.  You could even try giving yourself time slots to get things done.

Give it a try …

I hope it helps


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