The 12 hour day and night shift blueprint

Do you struggle with nights or 12 hour unexpected days at work?

Well I’ve written a blueprint that I think will help.  It’s just my view so I hope this helps.

2 days before make a conscious effort to increase calories from good food, this will ensure you are fuller for longer during your night shifts the coming days  (think about say a Sunday if you eat a lot you could basically go all day Monday without eating? This process will help cravings and hunger periods due to tiredness ).

Make a promise to yourself to drink at least 3 litres of water every day during the night shift week.

The night shift week diet approach.

I want you to lower carbohydrates and increase goods fats such as red meats and full eggs, coconut oil, cheese and oily fish.  Note, while increasing these good fats you must lower carbohydrates to make calories equal remember calories are only high 2 days to help the 2 night shifts (I presume  you do 2 in a row).  Keep protein intake high as always it should be with every meal.

I hope this helps


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