I can’t eat that much food, I’m on it!

I spend a lot of time taking to members about the mind set of eating a lot of food and getting lean.  I always see a shocked look on people faces when I set them high calories and I know deep down they’re scared to death to eat that much.

But let’s look at  2 peoples transformation journey.

Person 1: Eats 1000kcals a day Monday – Friday.

Feels good in the week but gets to Friday and has cravings coming out of their ears and smashes there way through 23 takeaways, 25 bags of crisps and 15 chocolates bars. Feels awful Sunday night but still eats rubbish because Monday is coming up and there ” back on it”.  They might drop a lot of weight in one week but long term this person loses and makes no progress and even gains weight from when they started.

Person 2: Eats as much good food as they can throughout the week.

Feels full, energised and their cravings are not going through the roof, can start to master moderation with meals out, drinks and takeaways and in general is in control.  Don’t get me wrong they still have a blow out but it’s NOT EVERY WEEKEND.  Yes weight loss is slow throughout the week but this person is in control and will completely changed over a few months.

Person 2 wins.

Which one person do you want to be?


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