What is a metabolism and why do I need one?

I know we constantly go on about building a metabolism to get the physique you desire.  So I thought I would try and put it into an example so it’s easy for you to visualise why it’s so important.

I want you to imagine a metabolism as a car engine – imagine a small 1.0 litre fiat. This is someone with slow sluggish metabolism. Petrol in the car is the fuel – this is body fat.

If the 1.0 litre Fiat sits there with the engine on, a full tank of fuel (50 litres), the little Fiat would stay running for a long time burning very little fuel. Training at HQ sessions is like pressing the accelerator – thus burning more fuel.

In comparison, someone with a good metabolism would have an American Mustang with a 5 litre engine, on the same amount of fuel as the fiat (50 litres). If you leave this car running and pressing the acceleration pedal a few times (HQ sessions). This car will burn fuel (fat) 5 times as quick.

Fortunately for us, we can build a bigger engine (metabolism) where as the car will not be able to. We do this through;

HQ sessions (weight training)
Eating healthy frequent meals
Sleeping well
Drinking plenty of water
Reducing stress

I hope this can make you understand the importance of having a good metabolism and speeding up that metabolic rate.

Till next time

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