The FAKE fitness industry

In today’s world of social media the pretence of perfection is at all time high. 1 click of a button and you can pretend to the world everything is perfect. So how does this relate to your fitness goals?

Well.. As HQ members I guarantee you follow someone on Facebook or Instagram that posts pictures of their perfect body and perfect meals. Along with this they post a really unhealthy meal but still maintain a decent shape?

Or do they  … You see I guarantee the meals you see along with the body post are at different stages of the year.  Example, when someone is at their best they will have 20/30 photos and steadily releases them throughout the year.

My point is nobody is perfect but with social media they can pretend to be.

How does this effect you?

Well when you look in the mirror and maybe your body isn’t as good as last month or maybe your food has slipped that week..You then think what’s the point “I can’t do this”.

But the thing is you can and you are.

If you’re doing your best at the time to live a healthy life that’s all you can do,

Some weeks will go well, some days wont.  It’s the long game.


I hope this helps


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