Take your cake and eat it!

Life is too short to restrict foods out of your diet – here at HQ as you should be aware we DO NOT ban any types of foods. We may reduce the amount of certain processed foods, however we will not stop you from including your favourite treats.

If I say to you, you can NEVER have cake again, what’s going to be on your mind all the time? You will want cake and then you will feel so miserable that you have had cake, you will most likely eat a whole cake! Going back to the old analogy of dropping your mobile phone, would you then pick it up quickly and dust it off or stamp on it until it was complete broken?!

What we would like you to do is reduce the amount of times you have cake. This can be done by having healthy alternatives and schedule in a cake treat once a week or you can track your calories and fit them into your macronutrients.

Don’t feel guilty about eating your favourite foods, enjoy them and be a little more strategic about it.


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