I can’t f***ing sleep

Sorry for the harsh title but I wanted you to open this email as it’s not just about sleep.  Now I won’t bore you with the usual fitness benefits.  Yes it increases performance and aids recovery which massively helps with your transformation but a lot of us don’t resonate with that because we usually do things that we want to do at a particular moment.  Example it’s late at night:

Do we go to bed early so we feel fresh the next day? Or do we stay up texting, flicking through Facebook or watching that 1 last episode of breaking bad?

Generally we will do what we want to do at the time, not how it will make us feel 12 hours later.  So we would probably stay up late, press snooze 4 times and skip breakfast and be tired all day.

So I want you to look at it this way.

When was the last time you snapped at your partner? …when you were tired?

When was the last time you lost it with the kids? .. When you were tired?

When was the last time you didn’t prep any food .. So grabbed some rubbish, shouted at most people you came in contact with and then blamed them for how crap your day was? .. When you were tired?

When was the last time you procrastinated over doing the main goal of your day and just did all the easy bits and then the 1 thing you need to do just keeps getting bigger and bigger and heavier and heavier to carry around?

… When you were tired?

Ok so you get my point.  There’s going to be times obviously when it’s out of your control.  I’m going to be a dad again and I know I’m going to be tired but I’m very self aware and this is massively underrated. When I’m tired I will be grumpy but I will say sorry 🙂

When I miss training and give in and eat crap because I’m tired –  I know I’m just tired and will get back on it tomorrow.

Understand your actions and take responsibility and do not blame anyone else.

This will be the secret to a LONG TERM transformation and a generally happier life.

I hope this helps


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