How to keep things simple but effective

There is a misconception out there that dieting has to be hard to be actually working. That when you are enjoying a “bad meal”  its undoing your hard work and that it’s not possible to be enjoying yourself when dieting or “eating clean”.

Fat loss doesn’t have to be difficult. I’ve always said to people trying to get their head around fat loss;

“Fat loss is simple………but it’s not easy!”

Everyone knows what they should be doing but the sacrificing, self-control, discipline, organisational side of dieting is what they find difficult.

This takes time and bit of trial and error to suits your needs, there is no one set way that everyone can use for fat loss.

The one thing I would say everyone needs to do is to eat as much possible while still seeing results and when progress stalls – drop calories slightly or up workout frequency (add an additional training session).



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