How to drink alcohol and still lose body fat

Although this has been talked about before I think its worth discussing again.

When talking to people regarding their diets as they say fat loss has slowed/stalled, things usually all look great. Then we then get to the weekend and there will be a huge gap. When I asked what happened – answer usually is I had quite a few drinks and then went off the rails with foods, so I’ve not written it down?!?

If you can relate to this then the below information will be useful, as people are looking where they can improve in the week but burying their head in the sand when they have a bender at the weekend.

Take a look at the below chart and workout how many calories you could consume over the weekend with alcohol (message me or post for the most calories consumed if you dare!!)

Drink   Calories (Kcal)  
Vodka, single   56  
330ml bottle diet alcopop   90-120  
330ml bottle larger   100-130  
Vodka, double   112  
Double gin and slimline tonic   115  
Double vodka and diet mixer   115-125  
Double vodka, lime and soda   130  
Small glass of wine   110-130  
Small glass of champagne/sparkling wine   130-140  
Jagerbomb   160  
Large glass of wine   170-190  
Double vodka coke   175  
Double gin and tonic   175  
330ml bottle alcopop   180-220  
Pint larger   190-240  
Guinness   210  
Double vodka and half can of red bull   280-300  

For example, my favourite treat would be Guinness and I could easily drink 8 pints in an evening totalling 1680kcal from alcohol, plus calories of 2000kcal from foods if I was eating clean, 3000kcal if eating bad. Potential consuming 4680kcal in one day, 2 and half days worth of calories. This is also just enough to bring my weekly average up so that I’m not making progress when in a fat loss phase.

This is what I and you can do to limit the damage of a night of alcohol;

1.Eating before you go out and all meals that day will be lean meats and vegetables only
2.Choosing a drink less in calories, vodka and soda water halves the calories, so over 8 drinks 640kcal saved
3.Have a training session and long walk to increase energy expenditure that day
4.Have good healthy meals prepared for hangover day

So it is possible to have a night out, have fun yet still make good progress in my fat loss journey.


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