6 reasons why you should be using your training log and how it can help you get results quicker

  • It’s much more accurate than memory, although you may believe you can remember all weights and reps, I’m sure you will have got something wrong, thus lifting the same weight repeatedly or jumping up too much weight, this will slow progress.


  • It’s a record of what routines worked better for your goal, e.g if you want to press or squat more, what did you do that month that made you progress so much. You can use this information to use in strength room as your new routine.


  • Note down how you were feeling that day. Was you feeling ill? had a hangover? feeling energetic? bad day at work? it will give you much more of an insight as to why you are improving or not.


  • Use the training log to improve your confidence with exercises. Seeing an exercise that you hate/struggle with at the beginning of the month and have improved on (even slightly) should be as massive motivator.


  • Use it as an way to prevent injury, if you get a new injury or an old injury keeps popping up see what exercises you were doing and try to figure out with the trainers what could be causing it.


  • Have a flick through old workouts/months when feeling is all this working out worth it – look how far you have come to see the progression will make you proud

Lets smash some new personal bests this month


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