Best nutrition tip EVER!

Sometimes we just need to chill!

Please read the statement below:

The perks of a rest
Sometimes referred to as quiet wakefulness, resting with your eyes closed can calm your mind, give at least some of your neurons a break (since you’re not actively thinking or concentrating on something), and let your muscles and organs relax. It can also reduce stress, improve your mood, and increase alertness, mental clarity, creativity, and motivation. All of these changes can enhance your productivity.

Now imagine if sometimes we took a step back and just give ourselves 5 mins to rest!
Do you think you would be able to stick to a healthy routine a little easier?

Your choice.
Stress or rest.

And no matter how many times you try and do EVERYTHING.  It will never work.

Take a step back, chill out and I guarantee you will achieve more in your day.

I rest 2 to 3 times a day and I’m the happiest, healthiest and most productive I have ever ever been.

I hope this helps


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