Flexible dieting

Many people can push to the limits of physical exhaust in a training session yet find that easier than sticking to a healthy diet!

We say this from the moment you join Transformation HQ that all foods are allowed. In this day and age there are too many temptations around us at all times. If we say never eat a certain type of food – naturally you crave it!

Many people can follow a strict diet for a couple of weeks, maybe months then revert back to type and go on a huge bingeing session and feel so bad they starve themselves to “make up for over eating” this is essentially yoyo dieting and will get you nowhere.

What you can do and is something I’ve always lived my life like, is to use a strategy called “flexible dieting”. This allows people to track calories and macronutrients and as long as majority of foods are healthy and nourishing the body, you will see fantastic results. Or you can use Transformation HQ’s food list structure (which you all have been sent a copy of over the last year or so), sticking to it 80-85% of the time and use the rest on your favourite treats.

It’s an easy, simple approach that gets brilliant body shape results yet allows you to live a sociable life and stops those cravings.

When you get 5 mins, try researching “flexible dieting” and see how you can apply it to your current lifestyle.


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