Circuits/Cardio vs HQ Weight Training

Why do we only lift weights?……Here’s why:

Weight training is key for long term fatloss and a body transformation.
Let’s talk about TIME.  TIME is something we don’t get back and don’t ever have enough of.  Why do I whole heartedly believe in this so much?

Here’s the facts:
Time is one of the most valuable things we can have so don’t waste it.
People think I hate cardio.  It’s not cardio I hate it’s the main stream crap that goes with it “cardio for weight loss/ weights for bulking up”.  What a load of rubbish!  Now don’t get me wrong if you love cardio then do it! To be honest that 1 big session that gets you sweating and your heart racing will probably give you a great feel good factor but long term it will stall your results.  If you love cycling, running circuit training spinning then do it, but please understand just doing things faster over a longer period of time will only help your body adjust and you will get better and burn less and less calories, there’s zero “progressive overload”.  We will come back to progressive over load shortly.
We have members that do long distance running/cycling/ short distance running that’s cool, it works for them as they really enjoy it and they put the hours in and I never say don’t do something you enjoy, but I’m always keen to explain it’s not the best way for long term fatloss.
However, if you run because you enjoy running then it’s for you but if you run because you think it’s the best way to loose that extra bit of fat then please stop.

Here’s my reason:
Cardio style workouts such as circuits, cycling & running all burn a lot of calories at the start maybe in week 1 you would burn more calories than weight training in week 1 but here’s the thing, the better you get the less you burn here’s an example:
You run 5k 3 days a week on week 1.  That’s15k a week.  The first week you burn loads of calories because it’s hard, you’re sweating, out of breath you’re giving it your all but 4 weeks in it gets easier, a lot easier even though you get faster your body is ALOT more capable so you burn less calories seems unfair with the effort you have put in and you improving that you would actually burn less calories right?

So what’s the answer in the coming months?
10k 3 days a week = 30k a week
15k 3 days a week= 45k a week
There’s 2 big problems with this

1. We are going to run out of TIME very quickly
2. We are going to expose ourselves to a lot of muscle damage and potential injury

This same rule applies for a circuit session.  Like burpees, rope slams, star jumps it’s all the same you burn a few more calories per session, again your body gets used to it so you increase the time of the session and if you don’t increase the time of the sessions you will burn less and less calories each session.  Not to mention the joint problems you may start to occur if you keep increasing the time but eventually it’s going to be impossible to increase the time you workout! So soon you’re just going to get very little return on investment for your time at the gym and that could be 6-10 hours a week and how long can you keep that up?  Also the amount of muscle wasted will increase and if muscle decreases so does metabolism so the amount of food you can eat will have to decrease so you have to do more but eat less!  This is what’s called hitting the wall with your fatloss goals.

Now let’s look at HQ style weight training sessions.  Each session you train you’re gradually getting stronger in each session through progressive over load.  Again back to this soon.  You’re gradually getting better at keeping the form and tension on the muscle.  Each session you’re slowly toning your body you’re slowly getting the shape you crave. But the main one elevated metabolism – studies show a weight training program can elevate your metabolism for up to 38 hours after the workout. In other words, you continue to burn calories long after weight training. Whereas once you stop cardio, the calorie burning stops as well. The more shape your body gets, the more muscle you must have, the more muscle you have the more calories your body burns at rest and in sessions the heavier the weights get the more calories you burn.

Week 1 you lift 8kg for 5 reps it take 10 seconds
Week 6 – you lift 20kg for 5 reps it takes 10 seconds

That’s Progressive overload.

Progressive overload is the gradual increase of stress placed upon the body during exercise training, WEIGHTS not heart rate.  This is why we track the weights we lift.  Week 6 burns more calories as it’s heavier your form is better but it takes the SAME AMOUNT OF TIME.  So over a longer period of time say 6 months into your new fitness regime your training time stays the same but the amount of energy and calories you burn will always increase along with the amount of food you need to eat to maintain your nice new shape.  So the better you get at weight training the more calories you burn but the SAME AMOUNT OF TIME IT TAKES, but the better you get at circuit training/cardio the less calories you burn. This is why I say if you love cardio then do it but you gotta be prepared to put in the hours and also be prepared that fat loss will stall but like I say if it’s what you do and you do it because you love it you won’t mind that your burn less calories. This is only aimed at people who think it’s best for fat loss.  This is why if you want to transform your body long term and that is your goal
you gotta be lifting weights long term.  Obviously if your goal is to get better at running/cycling then you gotta do it more and more and you will get better but if you goal is fatloss and body shaping cardio/circuits just ain’t the way to go.

Plus weight training makes you look good naked!

I hope this helps


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