Pain vs Pleasure

Ok let’s get this straight.

I love crap food.  I love alcohol. I love going out on nights out.  I love takeaways.

However, when I do all the above things I do them for enjoyment and when you do things like that for enjoyment you learn to make them fit you! Fit your goals. You’re in control of them they don’t go out of control i.e. Massively bingeing on food or going on a bender or drinking every night of the week.

There’s been a few times in my life where I have done the above to BLOCK OUT THINGS. So when I was stressed, over whelmed etc I’d go for bad food or alcohol as a way of feeling better short term.  And I’m sure you all know anything short term always ends up a lot worse long term.  That’s why if I’m stressed I wouldn’t block things out with bad food or alcohol I’d do the opposite I’d avoid them until I felt better.
So I want you to ask yourself a question.  Do you eat bad food or drink alcohol for enjoyment or when you’re stressed or maybe its both? I’d say the most common answer is both and if it’s both your best bet is to NOT think you have to cut out bad food or alcohol but to only turn to it for enjoyment.

When you’re stressed training is a great way of controlling this


Training gives short term pain but long term pleasure what else do you find in life that gives us this?

It won’t be easy but i promise if you start to do this it will be the key to a long term transformation.

I hope this helps.


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